Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Tires

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If you live in Arlington, Texas, then odds are you’re used to record high temperatures and Fort Worth and Cowboys game day traffic jams. However, your car may not adjust as easily. To make sure your Mazda stays in peak condition, follow these four helpful maintenance tips, and your car will run better and last longer.

1. Keep Your Car Battery Clean and Have a Professional Routinely Check It

The extreme heat and sun Arlington experiences can leave you with a bad sunburn, but it can do much worse to your Mazda, especially the battery. High temperatures can actually cause the chemicals in the car battery to accelerate, and by doing so, cause them to evaporate, which can burn out the battery quickly.

To avoid this, keep your car battery clean and free of corrosion as best you can. Also, be sure to have your Mazda’s battery checked routinely by a professional mechanic to ensure it’s running properly, especially during those hotter summer months. This can save you upwards of $100, not including towing costs if you get stranded with a dead battery on a hot day.

2. Take More Precautions During the First Month Owning Your Mazda

According to Mazda’s website, by taking a few measures within the first month of owning your new Mazda vehicle, you can greatly improve your Mazda’s long-term performance and durability.

Here are a few measures highlighted by Mazda that should be avoided within the first month of ownership:

  • Avoid unnecessary hard stops
  • Don’t race the engine
  • Don’t tow a heavy trailer

3. Routinely Check Your Tires for Proper Inflation, Tread Depth, and Signs of Wear/Damage

Another way the sun and heat can damage your Mazda is by ruining your tires. On an extremely hot day, temperatures in Arlington can get up to 94 degrees. However, the streets are usually 10 to 15 degrees hotter than the recorded temperature. Due to this, your Mazda’s tires could develop bubbles, tread cracks, or other problems that could cause your tire to blow out.

To avoid a blowout or other tire problems, check your tires for proper inflation, tread depth, and signs of wear or damage. You can stop off at most gas stations to refill your tires if they are running low, and you’ll be able to check proper tire depth or signs of wear or damage relatively easily.

4. Adopt a Smoother Driving Style

Most people know that city driving is harder on cars because of the constant starting and stopping. However, you can help prevent damage to your Mazda by adopting a smoother driving style while driving around a populated city like Arlington.

Avoid slamming on the brakes or revving the engine at stoplights or stop signs. Instead, ease into braking and accelerating. By doing so, you can reduce the negative effects city driving tends to have and save money on gas, since you’ll be using less fuel.

These are just a few of the simple maintenance tips and tricks you can use to extend the life of your Mazda car in Arlington, Texas. Follow the four tips highlighted here, and you’ll have a better functioning and reliable Mazda vehicle on your hands.

Four Helpful Maintenance Tips for Mazda Car Owners in Arlington, TX

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